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08th – 10th of September 2021, Pullman Bucharest World Trade Center Hotel


Congress Presidents:


Lecturer VLAD BUDU, MD, PhD

Dear colleagues and partners,

The Rhinology project continues with your help and despite the uncertainty due to the national and global pandemic context, it is the year of a new Congress of the Romanian Rhinologic Society.

Thanking you for the constant interest shown in the professional endeavors of our Society, we want to continue our scientific events and meet you again with all colleagues and friends of our association.

The 6th Congress of the Romanian Rhinologic Society is intended to be a scientific event to be held as you already know from previous editions.

We propose a conference under the sign of interactivity and exchange of ideas, in which all those interested can present their point of views, clinical observations, special cases and results of clinical or fundamental research.

Regardless of the hybrid format, we hope to meet healthy to discuss topical issues and interests in our specialty or related specialties.

 We are looking forward to seeing you!

Codruț Sarafoleanu & Vlad Budu


Codruț Sarafoleanu

Vlad Budu

Organizing committee

Amalia Neagu
Gabriela Musat
Lucia Radu
Elena Patrascu
Alina Anghel
Ionut Tanase
Daniel Lupoi
Mihai Preda
Raluca Enache
Silviu Crac
Cristina Maria Goanta
Alexandru Panfiloiu

Romanian Scientific Committee

Codrut Sarafoleanu Vlad Budu Daniela Vranceanu
Adriana Neagos Dan Mihail Cobzeanu Iuliu Catana
Gheorghe Muhlfay Gheorghe Iovanescu Lucian Lapusneanu
Ion Anghel Dan Cristian Gheorghe Daniel Lupoi
Marioara Poenaru Elena Ionita Camelia Berghea
Serban Bertesteanu Magdalena Chirila Luminita Radulescu
Dragos Palade Florin Anghelina Rodica Muresan
Victor Vlad Costan Alma Maniu Emilia Diaconu
Claudia Ionesi Raluca Enache Gabriela Musat
Cristian Martu Roxana Nemes Nicolae Balica
Mihai Dumitru Madalina Georgescu Mihaela Mitroi


International Scientific Committee




Jean Askenazy – Israel Desiderio Passali – Italia Prepageran Narayanan – Malaezia
Zsolt Bella – Ungaria Luisa Belussi – Italia Mario Milkov – Bulgaria
Dan Fliss – Israel Giulio Cesare Passali – Italia Alexandru Sandul – Moldova
Cemal Cingi – Turcia Marco Piemonte – Italia Lucia Gariuc – Moldova
Ioannis Konstantinidis – Grecia Mario Rigante – Italia Andrei Bajureanu – Moldova
Timoleon Terzis – Grecia Philippe Eloy – Belgia Eduard Cernolev – Moldova
Dilyana Vicheva – Bulgaria Michelle Cassano – Italia








Free Papers 1

Moderators: Florin Anghelina, Cristian Martu


Lucian Lapusneanu – Woakes’ syndrome – Case report

Mădălina-Pușa Dună – Remission and relapse in granulomatosis with polyangiitis in a young women

Nurullah Türe – Non-Allergic Rhinitis in Children

Carmen-Aurelia Mogoanta – Naso-sinusal plasmocytoma – the surprise of histopathological examination

Elena Pătrașcu – COVID-19-related smell disorders – personal experience

Carmen Badea – Misdiagnosed cavernous sinus thrombosis due to sphenoid sinusitis

Eloy Philippe – Our experience with inverted papilloma: about 61 patients.

Cristian Mârțu – Skeletal and functional changes associated with forms of complicated sinusitis


Free Papers 2

Moderators: Magdalena Chirila, Adriana Neagos


Cernei Vadim – Chronic hemirinosinusitis suppurated in exacerbation, complicated by cellulite retrobulbar and frontal intracerebral abscess, post-COVID. Clinical case.

Neagu Mihaela Cristina – How covid-19 brought olfactory disorder to central stage

Daniela Cernev – Maxillary osteomyelitis caused by SARS COV-2

Elena Grițco – Epistaxis post alcoholic poisoning

Eloy Philippe – Small maxillary sinus: different clinical entities but same surgical hazard

Shirley Tarabichi – Optimal approach of hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia

Alina Anghel – Neglected fronto-ethmoidal mucocele-case report

Bejenariu Andreea – Difficulties in the diagnosis and treatment of sinonasal tumors

Nicoleta Dumitrescu – Patient-centric approach in sleep apnoea syndrome management


Free Papers 3

Moderators: Gheorghe Iovanescu, Amalia Neagu


Mihai Preda – Therapeutic challenges in the diagnosis and treatment of intrasinusal foreign bodies

Gheorghe Eduard Andrei – Maxillary squamous cell carcinoma metacron with rhinopharynx cancer (clinical case presentation)

Alexandra Ileana Sanda – Wegener’s granulomatosis – ENT implications and complications – case report

Ioana Preoteasa – Case presentation: CSF leak – 30 years after transsphenoidal approach of the sellar region after a nasopharyngeal swab

Milea Alex Iulian – Challenges in the diagnosis and treatment of small cell sarcoma in a 27-year old female

Andrei Selman – Inverted papiloma – clinical implications

Lucian Lapusneanu – External auditory canal squamos carcinoma – Case report

Rodica Urs – Preservation septoplasty in rhinoplasty with deviated noses

Calinciuc Andra – Traditional vs. endoscopic approaches for septoplasty techniques


ABSTRACT SUBMISSION DEADLINE (in Romanian and English): up to July 20th, 2021




Instructions for drafting the summary
– may not contain more than 500 words;
– will be sent in the language of Romanian and English
– text is Times New Roman 12, without paragraph indents, a paragraph or other; will not be formatted
– will be written with diacritics

Summary should include:
– title, written in capital letters followed by one blank row; the title cannot be longer than 250 characters;
– authors ‘ names written on one line, respecting the order: first name initial (for men) or the last name (in the case of women) followed by name (do not use professional/academic titles); after the list of authors will leave a row;
– affiliation (Department, institution, city, country), the first author and co-authors;
– the text itself must comply with known structure: introduction, material and methods, results, conclusion (avoid the wording “the results will be presented”); the text must contain sufficient details to be able to justify the conclusion;
– we do not support graphics and tables in summary;
– all the abbreviations will be explained at first use in the text.

Digital Posters
Authors whose abstracts have been selected for a digital poster presentation are invited to prepare a digital poster, with the option to add a video file to present the poster (max. 4 minutes).

The poster format is LANDSCAPE, as the majority of the congress participants will participate in the virtual congress via their desktop computer or laptop. Poster template – landscape

Summary and posters has to be sent at the following e-mail addresses:
[email protected] , [email protected]

The official Congress languages will be Romanian and English.



8 (Wednesday) 9:00 - 10 (Friday) 19:00


Pullman Bucharest World Trade Center


Societatea Româna de Rinologie